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The Internet of Things:
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The Internet of Things (IoT) is changing the business playing field, unlocking opportunities for new sources of revenue, smarter interactions with customers, and greater efficiencies. Yet IoT introduces new technical challenges. How do you securely connect intelligent devices via the Internet to your enterprise, capture data at the “point of action”, and analyze huge volumes of data in real time? The IoT solutions from Hill17 are designed to help you thrive in a connected world.

Next-Generation Business &
the Internet of Things

The IoT is opening opportunities for companies to enhance their operations, interact with customers in new ways and derive data to optimize their strategies.  However, for many companies, knowing how to leverage the Internet of Things for competitive advantage is a total mystery, and implementing a connected solution is equally challenging. Hill17 Solutions helps you to understand the complexities and opportunities and works with you to create a meaningful solution.
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The Internet of Things Magnifies
Data Security and Privacy!

Protecting Internet-connected devices from security threats, as well as dealing with data privacy risks, are key challenges in the IoT environment. Recent events have revealed the enormity of these challenges. A case in point is the global attack that took place in late 2013, where botnets were used to send more than 750,000 malicious emails from connected household appliances. Research indicates that organizations are not adequately equipped to deal with these new security challenges.

Build a Secure Tomorrow’s Network Today!

Build a Secure, Manageable Network for tomorrow, Today.  Hill17 Solutions helps you to implement the viable security solutions to meet the needs of both information technology and operational technology networks.
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Enabling Companies, Communities, & Countries

As the Internet of Things moves to the mainstream, organizations need to be ready to fold increasingly intelligent assets into the IT landscape. It is a vision that requires a technology infrastructure that can capture data securely from hundreds of thousands of end points, handle Big Data affordably, and provide powerful real-time analytics to large numbers of people. Hill17 Solutions enables companies, communities, and countries to meet these new challenges head-on and to thrive in a connected world.

IoT Integration and Execution

Complete systems integration expertise to develop connected solutions that add value to the things you care about.
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The Internet of Things doesn’t have to be overwhelming big; few small changes can make a big impact. It starts by building on the infrastructure you already have in place, using devices and services in new ways.

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The IoT enables organizations to build on existing systems and infrastructure for big impact.

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