Our Story

We are experts in IoT delivery having pioneered technology applications such as RFID, embedded security, distributed intelligence, and SaaS. Hill 17 was formed in 2010 and acquired SureID’s IoT health and security applications in 2015. We are focused on addressing the growing demand for IoT strategy, execution, and security.

As a leading strategy and execution organization, we’ve helped international companies develop IoT patterned products that are used around the world. One such IoT security product is installed in thousands of locations and supports millions of objects. The solution blends hands-free convenience and high-security capabilities used in government and enterprise facilities.

Rich History of IoT & Security Innovation

1990 Early RFID based intelligent distributed security product deployed globally
1995 First RFID based ILS deployed in public and private facilities
1998 First freemium B2C eCommerce SaaS launched and deployed nationally
2001 Sure ID formed
 2002  PKI based biometric security solution launched
 2003  Early IoT mobile-cloud intelligent supply chain solution launched
 2005  First IoT mobile-cloud medication adherence and tracking solution launched
 2006  Partners with Microsoft to demonstrate IoT intelligent medication cap
 2007  Sure ID demonstrates integrated IoT health solution at HIMSS 2007
 2010  Hill 17 formed
 2011  Scalable Cloud voice engagement SaaS developed and used by 10,000s
 2012  First mobile-web “active shooter” security product deployed nationally
 2013  Next generation intelligent mobile-web PACS product deployed nationally
 2015  Hill 17 acquires SureID’s IoT assets

Sure ID to Deliver ePedigree Automation Solution

June 2006
SureID, a leader in ePedigree automation demonstrated its PharmaSURE solution for use in drug trials. With PharmaSURE integrated into the trial management system, companies benefit from accelerated trials, regulatory compliance, automated investigator activities, improved patient safety and outcomes.

PharmaSURE is one example of how Microsoft technologies can help meet regulatory requirements and streamline operations. The solution, developed using Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, uses SureID Wave intelligent appliances running Microsoft .NET 2.0 and Windows XP to automate data collection and distribution tasks. Investigator reporting is streamlined using standard RFID tags and PharmaSURE automation software running Windows Server 2003 and Microsoft SQL Server. Patient journals are automatically logged using SureID’s Intelligent Caps, which securely communicate using standard RFID infrastructure. Collected data is securely stored in Microsoft’s SQL database for ease of collaboration and reporting.

“Technology can enable companies to be agile and competitive in a changing business environment,” said Steve Shihadeh, general manager, healthcare and life sciences at Microsoft. “Through its use of Microsoft technologies, SureID is helping its customers to better connect, collaborate and make more informed decisions, which helps them to drive overall business success.”

“Our company helps stakeholders in the pharmaceutical supply chain cost effectively deliver the safest medication to their customers. Our PharmaSURE solution not only improves safety, it improves efficiencies and productivity with real-time visibility and automated execution of processes.” stated Steve Casey, CEO of SureID. “Improving the top and bottom lines while leveraging regulatory expenses is a win-win for everyone.”

The PharmaSURE capabilities that improve drug trials are also used to improve Pharmacy operations and assist in meeting regulatory requirements. The FDA’s recent report lifting the stay on ePedigree regulations and guidance on targeted RFID deployment has increased the need for solutions such as PharmaSURE. “While I was a guest panelist at the FDA workshop in February and in speaking with other stakeholders, it became apparent that the FDA was going to put pressure on the industry” noted Steve Casey. “Although the FDA seldom specifies a technology, the consensus was that RFID would provide tremendous benefit in a phased approach. Our PharmaSURE solution specifically addresses these ePedigree challenges while targeting high-value medications prone to counterfeiting, shrink, and medication errors.