“Dream-big-agile-prove methodology”

Having helped companies strategize and deliver IoT related innovations for over 20 years we encourage a very pragmatic and execution-oriented approach to innovation strategy. Some strategist would suggest that a “big-bang” transformational approach is needed to take advantage of the IoT opportunity. We believe that our “dream-big-agile-prove” methodology is a rewarding risk mitigating approach that fits well with many of today’s corporate scenarios.

The basic tenets of our dream-big-agile-prove methodology include:

  1. Dream-big brainstorm engagement
  2. Define agile assumptions with achievable short-term objectives
  3. Prove assumptions through flawless execution
  4. Measure, learn, and refine strategy

To learn more about how our four step “dream-big-agile-prove” methodology can help your organization take advantage of IoT disruption please contact us at dream.big.agile.prove@hill17.com

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