Many IoT applications do not provide the same level of security found in the Cyber world with most relying on “Security through Obscurity”. For many business cases this approach was sufficient in private or isolated settings. As the thing connectivity becomes more open and standardized, more advanced security measures are required to protect privacy and assure safety.  Beyond standard Cyber and Physical security the Internet of Things requires special security considerations in these connected networks.

Pillars of Security


Information is disclosed only to authorized persons or organizations.


Information is accurate, authentic, complete and reliable.


The systems responsible for delivering, storing and processing information are accessible to authorized users when required.

History of IoT Security

The Hill 17 team has been securing the internet of things for over 20 years. Our solutions are deployed in hundreds of thousands of public and private installations around the world and interact with millions of things. Our team of security experts understand the balancing act of risk mitigation that is vital to a cost effective security strategy based on business objectives and desired outcomes.

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